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CT lette

whats good fam? i just joined this...
im gunna be 25 on friday (WHOOP WHOOP!!) and im celebrating at the tecca ninna/kmk show at the webster theatre in hartford CT. come party with me dammit!

a little backround info... im married with 2 kids... 3 and 7 mos. my husband is a horrorcore artist and has done music with fritz the cat, king gordy, menacide, bizzy bone and krazy bone, spice 1 and a whole shit load of underground artists. our crew has opened up for twiztid, bizzy bone, booked king gordy for our own home town shows and done lots of crazy shit all over this country. we represent LEATHAL WRECKORDS muthafacko and u should check out our shit. our artists dunt publicly promote the hatched simply cause we dunt wanna ryde on psy's coat tails but u best believe every single one of us are down for our fam.

since we have a studio in our house(life sucks studio) u can pretty much say music is my life. lol... when i was 7 months preggo with my daughter we saw the black rain tour in worcester mass.... while i was preggo with my son we saw blaze 3 times, shaggy 2 dope, boondox and mad underground artists shows. so my kids were pretty much born into the scene.

ive shared pitchers of beer with mike e clark, prozak, and the ROC...  rocked king gordy's sunglasses.. and met countless other artists on psy who know whats up with my crew without being a groupie whore. i love my lettes but some of y'all need to start respecting yourselves!

so im a seasoned lette... a house wife... a mother. these days im pretty domestic... but i got hatchet man inked on me for almost 7 years now and he;s a constant reminder of what i stand for. u'll find me scrubbing out my bath tub while singin cherry pie or vaccuming, bumping mostasteless. when i can find a sitter youll find me at shows usually drunk and yelling at innanimate objects.

im from mass origionally... lived in nh.. and now im down in ct and tryin to get back in touch with my fam.

much love y'all. if youre in my are hit me up... check out our music page....

and show me some love here! i
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